The ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Active Tour

The ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic Active Tour

Regeneration for heroes.

The ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic Active Tour is a true success story: with over 350 endurance sports events in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, the USA (California) and many other countries, our isotonic thirst-quencher has been refreshing hundreds of thousands of runners, triathletes and cyclists at the finishing line every year for more than a decade – ensuring perfect regeneration for heroes! As a sports beverage, ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic is now just as much a part of endurance sport as regular training.

The route taken by the refreshing thirst-quencher to the thirsty athletes at the various venues may differ, but the starting point of the trip for this precious cargo is always the same: the brewery’s home in Erding.