ERDINGER Weissbräu

ERDINGER Weissbräu

Private brewery since 1886.

Welcome to ERDINGER Weissbräu

For over 130 years, the outstanding quality of our wheat beers has been rooted in our passion for Bavarian brewing skills. As a private brewery, we stand for:

ERDINGER Weissbräu has always remained true to its Bavarian roots. Every bottle is still filled at our brewery in Erding according to the strictest quality standards, before being sent on its journey to over ninety different nations.

Quality & Flavor
As a traditional brewery, we make no compromises when it comes to quality. A highly perfected product which is strictly brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law. The finest wheat and barley malt, together with selected hops and crystal-clear water from our own deep wells, are just part of the genuine wheat beer flavor.

Lifestyle & Enjoyment
For over 130 years, ERDINGER Weissbier has stood for genuine and uncompromising enjoyment. The unique and outstanding flavor of our specialty beer is appreciated by a growing number of connoisseurs around the world.

ERDINGER is respectful and responsible in its dealings with employees, customers, the environment and society. As an owner-managed private brewery, continuity and reliability are the basis for our business.


Over the past decades, the brewery has been shaped by a multitude of major – and minor – events. Here’s an overview of some of the most important milestones.

  • 2017
    The new bottling plant goes into operation

    The new bottling plant goes into operation. Two new bottling lines and the modernization of an existing line create additional capacity: up to 165,000 bottles can be filled per hour.

  • 2016
    130 years of ERDINGER Weissbräu

    130 years of ERDINGER Weissbräu For over 130 years ERDINGER Weissbräu has stood for cultivated Bavarian wheat beer enjoyment, quality and a love of life.

  • 2014
    With an output of approx. 1.8 million hl

    With an output of approx. 1.8 million hl and exports to over 90 countries, ERDINGER is the global market leader and Germany’s largest family-owned wheat beer brewery.

  • 2008
    After two years of construction

    After two years of construction, the ERDINGER Weissbräuhof is re-opened. The Brombach family’s faithfully restored base is now home to the brewery’s HQ, a pub and a four-star hotel.

  • 2001
    Repositioning of ERDINGER non-Alcoholic

    Repositioning of ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic as an isotonic thirst-quencher for sports enthusiasts. Just five years later, ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic is the market’s No. 1 Non-Alcoholic beer.

  • 2000
    The new visitor's center

    The new visitor's center is opened for brewery tours.

  • 1995
    ERDINGER Fan Club

    The official ERDINGER Fan Club is founded. The club currently connects around 90,000 members in over 65 countries around the world under the motto “Party, Celebrate & Enjoy with ERDINGER Weissbier”.

  • 1990
    ERDINGER passes the magic 1-million hectoliter mark

    ERDINGER passes the magic 1-million hectoliter mark for the first time!

  • 1983
    A new brewhouse

    A new brewhouse is constructed on the edge of town – there is no longer enough space at the company’s historic base in the middle of the Old Town. Capacity is now almost 600,000 hl, but a second building is soon needed to expand capacity further.

  • 1975
    Werner Brombach

    Following the death of his father, Werner Brombach takes over the family business. Two years later, output reaches around 225,000 hl and ERDINGER is market leader.

  • 70s
    wheat beer export nation

    Austria and Italy become ERDINGER’s first wheat beer export nations. Today, the mid-size private brewery exports its specialties to five continents.

  • 1971
    Launch of the successful advertising campaign

    Launch of the successful advertising campaign for the ERDINGER Weissbier brand, focusing on its "high quality standards" as a "traditional Bavarian specialty". The new ERDINGER jingle "Des Erdinger Weissbier, des is hoid a Pracht..." becomes a German advertising classic.

  • 60s
    white sausage equator

    Werner Brombach is the first brewer to distribute his ERDINGER Weissbier outside the borders of Bavaria.

  • 1965
    The company is racing ahead

    The company is racing ahead: annual production rises to around 40,000 hl. The brewery’s current owner, Werner Brombach, joins the company. His declared intention is to gradually establish and successfully market a nationwide wheat beer brand.

  • 1949
    Franz Brombach

    Franz Brombach names the brewery ERDINGER Weissbräu.

  • 1935
    The Managing Director

    The Managing Director at the time, Franz Brombach, is offered the opportunity to buy the brewery. Annual wheat beer production at the time is around 3,500 hectoliters (hl).

  • 1930
    F.W. Otto

    The brewery is bought by the malt factory F.W. Otto.

  • 1886
    Weisse Bräuhaus

    The “Weisse Bräuhaus” is founded in Erding.